Progressive Practices offers a series of workshops that enable attendees to cultivate the  practical skills and experience needed for creating and operating the Knowledge Economy business model.  All workshops can be customized to the specific needs of an enterprise.

Beyond the Deal – Achieving Breakthrough Gains in Mergers & Acquisitions:

Beyond the Deal sessions offer a strategic approach for leveraging mergers and acquisitions to achieve extraordinary performance and create unprecedented value.

The stakes are high in major acquisitions, both for acquirers and for acquirees. The companies that acquire successfully are those that have cultivated the capabilities for effecting the right acquisition and that can best integrate the new company.  Achieving quantum-leap outcomes in an acquisition is a disciplined, comprehensive, and highly proactive effort.

Beyond the Deal sessions provide a framework in which an acquiring company can go from two separate sets of assets, both intangible and tangible, to establishing the core capabilities that enable breakthrough leaps in performance and strategic outcomes.  While Beyond the Deal explores the role of capabilities in every interrelated phase of the pre-deal acquisition process, it strongly emphasizes the critical integration phases.

Beyond the Deal sessions:

  • Identify the core capabilities for carrying out an effective acquisitions and integration
  • Explore how to formulate integration planning that paves the way for a successful integration
  • Set out the seven integration springboards that you need to put in place to jumpstart the integration to achieve quantum growth and high performance
  • Chart a path for the transition to the new organization, and
  • Show how to capture and recycle learnings from the acquisitions and integration to construct integration “playbooks” and shape an organizational integration capacity that enables you to make future acquisitions ever more successful.

The Beyond the Deal Workshop is available in four formats:   (1) A one hour Executive Overview, (2) A one half day Introduction, (3) A one-day Foundation Workshop and (3) A three-day Workshop/Practicum.

Performance-Based Knowledge Measures Workshop:

Learn a breakthrough, step-by-step approach that tells you exactly what difference your knowledge management initiative is making, for whom and with what return for your investment.

Our approach:

  • Aligns knowledge assets with enterprise business strategy
  • Addresses the greatest concerns of individuals (from CEO to Project Team member), resolving their issues and bringing them direct, measurable benefits.
  • Creates working measures that demonstrate cost savings, time savings, reduction in errors and gains in employee and customer satisfaction.

Knowledge initiatives that succeed are ones that people identify with and can clearly demonstrate how the people involved can measurably benefit from their implementation.

This workshop approach is rooted in understanding the value produced by the knowledge assets and activities in the key business processes that create the organization’s core goods and services.

Knowledge:  The Hidden Wealth of Organizations

The intangibles of an organization are increasing the basis for its capabilities and wealth.

The value of a barrel of oil is 50% knowledge, an ear of corn is 70% knowledge. As we move from “dumb” goods and services to “intelligent” ones, an organization’s continual capability to renew itself gives it the competitive edge.

The knowledge capital approach views financial success as the outcome of an organization’s leveraging of human capital, structural capital and relational capital. Are you positioning your organization to

  • Cultivate your people’s critical skills and competencies
  • Enhance your structure so that knowledge is valued appropriately and flows easily to meet customer needs
  • Build your co-destiny with customers, suppliers and strategic partners by mass-customizing your offerings so that you have a stake in each other’s future?

Knowledge Capital Workshops give organizations an introduction to the Intellectual Capital approach, allows you to see how you can use if to transform your organization, and provides the beginning experiences to start that journey.

The Knowledge Capital Workshop is available in three formats:   (1) A two-hour Executive Overview, (2) A one-day Introduction, and (3) A three-day Workshop/Practicum.

Knowledge Management, Knowledge Capital and Measurement

In the era of knowledge-based organizations a number of business models are evolving.

Both Knowledge Management and Knowledge Capital are two approaches that can be used to galvanize the intangible wealth the organization has already created and also be catalysts for continuous innovation, transformation and rapid responsiveness to customers.

The workshop explores the roots, definitions and compatibilities of knowledge management and intellectual capital.   Participants then examine their organization’s value proposition, map how knowledge flows across their organizations, and determine what they must do to best leverage their intellectual capital and knowledge management for competitive advantage.

Participants develop a framework to measure the value their organization’s knowledge and knowledge capital.  This allows them to “know what they know”, value their various intangible wealth effectively, and navigate to create their co-destinies with stakeholders as they move into the future together.

This workshop is offered in two formats: a three-hour overview, and a one-day interactive workshop for senior managers and their staffs, and network partners.

Creating the New Organization

This workshop is a manual designed for people at all levels to bring into play four basic capabilities needed to create organizations and networks in our new era.

The core element is collaboration:  the process of shared creation.  Collaboration allows us to transcend the command/control structures that dominate most organizations and relationships.  It prepares people to be able to sustain the second capability of the system: effective joint efforts.  Its elements (i.e. group process, conflict resolution, and decision-making strategies) are crucial in any joint activity.

As participants learn these basic skills, they become strategic thinkers able to act autonomously or with others.  Developing a process orientation and future orientation follows, enabling 1) understanding the opportunities and vulnerabilities we face, 2) earning the assumptions that form our mental maps and 3) seeing how well we might fare in varying futures.  We then can recast our core systems and processes for advantage in an unpredictable world.

This core workshop is three days, with a two-day Practicum available.  The workshop can also be customized to the specific needs of your organization.

Skills for the New Realities Workshop

As sea changes unexpectedly crash into our organizations we need new ways to look at both our new world and our organizational abilities to think and act proactively.

This workshop focuses on sensing and responding to the radically new set of realities facing private, public and non-profit organizations, their suppliers and their customers.

Participants baseline their organizations, using current Baldrige Award Excellence criteria, and then see how they would fare under an array of alternative future scenarios.  This sets the stage to for participants to experiment in reframing and repositioning their organizations.  Attendees begin an active process of  preparing the human, structural and technological capacities needed for these chronically tumultuous times.

The  Skills for the New Reality workshop is a first program that actively links operations oriented process management with a strategic future-orientation  to provide a full basis for realigning organizations.

The workshop is offered in three formats: (1) A two-hour overview, (2) A one-day general exploration and (3) A three-day multiple exercise workshop.