Welcome to the Knowledge E-conomy!

Today all organizations (for-profit, governmental and non-profit) face the radically new demands and conditions of the Knowledge E-conomy and each requires a new business model. Globalization, E-commerce and the Internet make it necessary for organizations to renew themselves as knowledge-based enterprises if they want to be competitive and relevant.

Every enterprise developing itself as a knowledge-based organization needs to cultivate a unique skill set to match its goals, conditions and customers.  This requires an array of competencies that go beyond what any single organization can produce.  It calls for linking into a network of knowledge resources.

Progressive Practices is your partner for charting successful knowledge-based solutions

Why Progressive Practices?

Progressive Practices designs and implements practices with organizations to recreate their new business model and the key drivers needed in successful knowledge-based enterprises in:

> Knowledge Capital
> Value Creation in Mergers and Acquisitions
> Leadership and Collaboration
> Process Management
> Measurement

Consulting Services

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Beyond the Deal Blog

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Explore these books to find out about developments in key areas of new learning.  Share this information with your colleagues.

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