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Mergers & Acquisitions that Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains, published by McGraw-Hill offers a complete, systematic “framework” of hands-on strategies for every step of the process.

In addition to step-by-step planning, the book shows how to assess a company’s full potential and – more specifically – how to motivate full-time workers as they face new challenges, take on new responsibilities, and work with new people.  There is also crucial advice on corporate branding, customer service, company leadership, and knowledge management.  Finally, the book includes self-questionnaires to test “acquisition readiness,” case-by-case examples of famous success and notorious failures, and other tools.

Webinar Presentation

Creating New Value by Leveraging Intangibles in Major Acquisitions: The Value Creation Approach to The Gathering 2.0.

This presentation examines our current volatile economic environment.  In recent months mergers and acquisitions that were considered unlikely just a few months earlier are now seen as critical for the survival and future of a number of major companies.  Further, these acquisitions are now being completed at an unprecedented rate of speed.  We can expect this reality to continue into the foreseeable future.  In this economic climate, it is more important than ever to be able to rapidly and systematically discover, cultivate, leverage and capture value in intangibles, especially in the context of an acquisition.

Two elements are essential for carrying out a successful integration: acquisition readiness and value creation.  Intangible assets (or knowledge capital) are the basis for forming the specific set of capabilities necessary for acquisition readiness.  The webinar explores the key elements of how the Value Creation Approach in a step by step process.