Complementary services offered involve:

  • Intangible asset valuation, branding and reputation
  • Aligning intangible assets and strategy
  • M&A integration software
  • Knowledge management web-based benchmarking
  • Designing and implementing social media strategies and support

Every enterprise developing itself as a knowledge-based organization needs to cultivate a unique skill set to match its goals, conditions and customers.  This requires an array of competencies that go beyond what any single organization can produce.  It calls for linking into a network of knowledge resources.

Progressive Practices organized the KnowledgeNet, a network of collaborating organizations, to provide these sets of complementary capabilities so you can best achieve your goals. We will work with you to assess the skills and capabilities you need and configure the network of relationships that lead to your competitive edge.

KnowledgeNet Members

eknow, Inc.

eknow is the developer of eknow Integrator, the first and most mature, easy to use web-based tool for M&A, restructuring, and transformation initiatives.  eknow Integrator has been continuously developed with customer and industry input since 1999. 

eknow delivers Integrator™ as a complete service — fully hosted and fully supported, from needs assessment to configuration, data migration, training, support, and customization. These eknow services eliminate any IT burden or costs, accelerate deployment and ROI, and ensure solution fit and user adoption.


Euan Semple

Euan Semple helps senior management to understand the long term impact of the social web on their businesses. He works with teams grappling with customer and staff relationships in a connected world, building on his experience introducing social tools inside the BBC and since then working with NATO, BP and The World Bank amongst others. He understands the importance of corporate culture and the potential gains in effectiveness that truly connected and engaged networks enable.

  • Helps you decide whether the social web makes sense for you and your organisation.
  • Influences your senior execs and other managers to give you the space to have a go.
  • Gets people enthusiastic and behind your plans.
  • Helps you deal with challenges when they arise and to learn from them for the future.
  • Inspires you and keeps your energy up!



Predictiv provides clients with specialized consulting services that help organizations achieve optimal performance through management initiative by …

Defining and valuing critical corporate intangibles such as brand, reputation, customer satisfaction, communications, innovation, sustainability and employee engagement

  • —  Creating behavioral economic models and benchmarking measurement systems to understand corporate brand and reputation
  • —  Determining the current and anticipated financial impact and ROI of corporate initiatives of value-creating business drivers
  • —  Assessing the effectiveness of organizational design and interaction; providing guidance on how to improve productivity, communication and employee satisfaction
  • —  Aligning performance of intangibles with corporate strategy

Using discreet methodologies developed by Predictiv’s principals in almost fifteen years of experience, Predictiv assesses effectiveness and execution, then devises and implements solutions custom-designed to quantify and enhance the financial impact of operational decisions.